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Manufacturing Setup
Manufacturing Setup
    Manufacturing Setup
  • Grainulometry Section adjusts the particle size of the input raw materials to be passed on to Pressing Section. 
  • Pressing Section consists of a number of state of the art hydraulic presses with features for thermo-curing. 
  • Impregnation Section consists of a battery of vessels and dryers. The process is highly article specific. It is carried out under specialised technical supervision. 
    • Machine Shop
    • Graphite
    • Metal
  • Both the shops contain machinery adequately dedicated to the specific part to be machined for the final assembly. Graphite dust and steal scrap and Teflon scrap are separately collected. 
  • Fabrication Shop tackles the carbon steel fabrications required for reactor vessels and agitators: holders, flanges gland housing and follower assemblies, base plates and top plates for heat exchangers, concentrators, dilution units, absorbers, scrubbers, pipe encasements and flanges; Rupture disc holders, ms portions of distillation columns etc. 
    Manufacturing Setup
  • Assembly Shops
    • Reactor , agitator, nozzles and pipes: lining and assembly.
    • Heat Exchanger and mass transfer type equipment of height up to 2 meters.
    • Heat Exchanger and mass transfer type equipment of height above 2 meters.
  • Quality Assurance Section has got a common facility laboratory and distributed setup in every shop mentioned above.There is a 100% Quality Assurance and Control (QAC) on each component and piece used in the assembly. 
  • Health Safety and Environment Protection: All the stipulations on solid liquid and gaseous discharge are scrupulously met. Workmen are provided with protective gears specified for each type of work. Fire safety, Thermal burns protection, Mechanical injury safety, Electrical safety, Dust and smoke nuisance protection have been in built into the overall manufacturing plan.Workmen are given periodic check up under the medical cover provided to them. 

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